CCMIS Benchmarking! - How it works....

Club Benchmark information has been available in Ontario since the mid-1980's.  In 2006, Canadian Club Management Information Service decided to carry on this tradition and make club benchmarking available nationally.   Based on 25 years of Private Club Management experience, I knew that benchmark reports from the US and generic restaurant industry reports were of limited value.  More importantly, as a club manager I did not have time to collect, compile, and analyse all this data on a regular basis.  

Initially, this service was provided under the auspices of National Private Club Practice. However, in 2008 CCMIS was established as an independant company in order to take advantage of its newly developed survey service capabilities.

The CCMIS Benchmark Information Service is an annual subscription service with no long term commitment.   Users can cancel at any time.

In 2013 we moved away from the data entry page to a direct link for input so that Managers did not need to navigate to their custom page on our site in order to participate.  

All clubs recieve the Wages and Salaries review.  The remaining reports are optional and are produced as soon as a sufficient number of participating clubs have completed their data input.

To use the service, clubs simply click on the data entry link they are sent by CCMIS, enter their information in the spaces provide (data entry usually only take a few minutes per review).

On request, CCMIS will produce special reports and we are always pleased to discuss ways that this service can be improved and made more useful and relevant to you as a manager.

You can reach us at 613-340-0163 or via email: