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CCMIS has contributed articles for various Club related publications including:
CSCM's -Club Management Quarterly:
Who Wants to Know
Dialogue: Future Training
Dialogue: E-Learning
Dialogue: Succession Planning
Dialogue: Club Events
Dialogue: Member Complaints
Can.  Club Mgmt. Information Service
Working the Web
Beyond Number Crunching
Teeing it Up on the I-way
Dreams in the Making
Second Look @Technology

BoardRoom Magazine:
Membership Surveys

NGCOA'S - Golf Business Canada:
Dialogue: Food and Beverage Ideas
Ten Years in Summary
Future Trends
Marketing Strategies for F&B
Food and Beverage Problem Solving
Statistics for Success
Taking Advantage of Technology
The Cost Control Game
Your Internal Customers
Partnerships for Profits
Hiring Right
Visions and Values
Profitable Patterns

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